Frequently Asked Questions for Exhibitors

How can I download the Whova app?

You can download the Whova app on your mobile phone or desktop by visiting the following links. We recommend using the app to access all features of the Symposium: Apple Google Play Store You can also access Whova from the website using this link.

Do I need to RSVP for the Symposium prior to setting up my Whova account?

Yes. Click on the following link to RSVP at Once you have RSVP'd, you can download the Whova app and set up your account. **NOTE: You need to use the same email address for your RSVP and to set up your Whova account.

How do I set up my booth?

Set up your booth in the Whova app under Exhibitor Hub>Exhibiting Booth Profile. Add flyers (using a .jpeg or .png), promotional offers, one video, description and more.

How many videos can I upload to my booth?

Currently, one video per booth. You can switch out videos to keep content fresh, however, it may impact your overall booth analytics. Another option to increase exposure is to utilize the Community Board where you can post links to other videos.

What is the difference between a primary booth contact and booth staff?

  • Primary booth contact - this person has options inside the Whova app to edit the company profile, set up a promotion, and add booth staff as well as collect leads.
  • Booth staff - have less access, but they can collect leads on behalf of the primary contact.

How do I add booth staff?

The primary contact can add booth staff in the Whova app only.

Can we upload .pdfs to our exhibitor booth?

Yes, you may upload 2 .pdf documents. You may uploaded other documents as in a .jpeg or .png file.

How can I delete photos I have uploaded in our booth?

In the Whova app, go to 'flyers and photos, select the photo you would like to delete, and select the trash icon at the bottom right of the screen.

Should I set up a promotional raffle/giveaway/coupon?

We recommend all exhibitors set up a promotional offer to draw more attention to your booth. In the Whova app, visit Exhibitor Hub>Promotional Offers to create an offer.

How do I know who requested and received my promotion information?  How can I announce the winners?

We will send you a summary of attendees who have signed up for your promotional activities. With this list, you can easily contact and message them in the Whova app.

There are X number of people attending the conference, but I am not seeing all of them. Where are they?

All attendees can interact with your booth and offers. However, the Whova app is programmed, and unfortunately we can not edit, to allow attendees the option to consent to be shown in the attendee directory. Only those attendees who have chosen to do so will show up in the directory.

What is the virtual passport contest?

All exhibitors will be included and this will be setup in October. The virtual passport contest is similiar to an in-person conference bingo card contest, that helps to generate leads. The passport contest is intergrated into the Whova app. Attendees must visit each exhibitor's booth to leave a comment, 'like' the booth, and utilize the deals and promotions tab to help generate a lead. Attendees who complete their entire passport will be eligible to win a $250 gift card from The Specialty Symposium.

What is the scavenger hunt contest?

The scavenger hunt is a special activity hosted by The Specialty Symposium. Attendees will have to visit each exhibitior's page and answer a question that will be found on the exhibitor's page. Each exhibitor provides The Symposium staff a question and answer for the Scavenger Hunt. Attendees who finish the scavenger hunt and submit their entry will be eligible to win a $250 gift card from The Specialty Symposium. Exhibitors should submit your scavenger hunt questions and answers to by Monday, September 14th. Questions, on the scavenger hunt, please reach out to Nikki.

What is the purpose of the Community Board?

This is another opportunity to interact and connect with attendees. Exhibitors can host a virtual meetup, post new topics, promote offers, comment on pre-existing topics to get to know attendees and raise awareness for your business. In addition, you can post additional video links for your business to expand your exposure.

What is the virtual meetup on the Community Board?

A virtual meetup, for up to 30 attendees at a time, can be used by Zoom, or a similiar meeting/webinar platform, to promote products and start conversations. Go to the community board, visit Meet-ups and Virtual Meets> Suggest a Meet>Virtual Meet. Make sure you have a link, your meeting details (what it will be about) and meeting time ready to go.

How do we receive notifications on recent Whova App updates?

Unfortunately, Whova does not send out updates on a consistent basis. According to Whova, the best way to track recent and peritent updates is to check the App store periodically. Go to the App store entry for Whova and it will mention any major changes to the platform and let you know if your App needs updating too.

Can attendees view Whova on a tablet?

Currently, Whova is experiencing some difficulties on the tablet where the full-screen may not display. Attendees may need to rotate the tablet back and forth to make it display fully. This is a known issue and Whova is working on a future release to correct this later this year.

Whova Guides and Videos (screenshots included)

Whova FAQ User Guides (screenshots included)

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How do I engage attendees with Livestreams and Videos?

Visit the Whova link at

For the first time, the Symposium will be a virtual event.  We know you have questions about the new format. Below find answers to frequently asked questions about the Specialty Symposium.